Biosmose uses the Airless pump, what is that ?

Airless-pump – How does it work ?

The airless pump, an innovation that you find in the BIOSMOSE products!

Have you ever taken a look the packaging of your moisturizer or your hand soap? No? Maybe you should.

Because before you buy, it is important to know that all products, as similar as they might seem, are not created equal.
Most of the pumps contained in the packaging of your everyday products allow entry of air into the bottle for the product to be dispensed. Airless pumps are of higher quality because they do not allow air to enter the bottle during use. The air thus never comes into contact with the product.

You’re probably wondering: « What is the point and why is it an innovation? ». Well, just think of  food. Bread, meat, dairy products … they are all protected from the air and the environment in one way or another. Nature itself protects some fruits and vegetables by providing a skin. Take bananas for example, if you remove the skin and leave to air it will brown very quickly and will no longer be edible. The principle is the same for cosmetics. If they are exposed to air excessively, they can lose their effectiveness.

The air causes oxidation of the products. Ultimately, the effectiveness of the product suffers. It is for this reason that most of the products display an expiration date. With airless pumps, the product is protected from the open air so no loss! In addition to longer storage, the product is completely pure, not affected by germs or pollution.

Finally, airless pumps allow great savings because the system absorbs all the remaining product at the bottom of the bottle with a significant pressure. No more wasted product or packaging surgery to get the product remained at the bottom of the tube. The airless pump takes care of it for you. So you have more active product for your money, no time limit … What could be better?

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